Contact Lenses

If you are an existing contact lens wearer and just need more lenses, please email us to order them.

If you are new to lenses, at your initial contact lens appointment, your optometrist will ascertain the best and most appropriate type of contact lens for you depending on a number of things

    • How often you want to wear contacts
    • Your prescription
    • Health of your eyes
    • Corneal condition such as keratoconus

A full range of contact lenses fitted

The process of fitting someone with soft lenses is generally relatively quick and simple. Rigid lenses are more complex and require more time to fit you with them. In addition, ortho-K and certain corneal conditions such as keratoconus require specialised lenses that are more complex again and require multiple appointments when first fitted.

Here's a link to help if you are having difficulties getting your lenses in or out of the eyes.

Once you have been fitted, an annual contact lens examination is recommended.

For further information about contact lenses, have a look at the website of the Corneal and Contact lens Society NZ.

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