Spectacle Lenses

The lenses enable you to see so why use an inferior quality product? We believe in using premium quality lenses for all our spectacles but at a fair price. These are sourced from the leading lens manufacturers, allowing us to find the perfect lenses tailored for your needs.

Our Suppliers

Lens Coatings

All lenses have a hard coat to protect the lens material underneath and ensure optimal vision is maintained.

Additionally an anti-reflection coating can be added to reduce reflections from external light sources, and reduce reflections in photographs.

If you use electronic equipment such as computers, I-Pad’s or smart phones, your eyes are being exposed to high levels of invisible blue UV light. Research has shown this UV light exposure to increase the risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration later in life.

In the short term, symptoms such as dry, red, irritable eyes, fatigue and blurred vision are very common with those people looking at digital devices.

Your optometrist will recommend the best coating for you depending on your visual requirements and ocular health.