We carry the best in stylish, top quality sunglasses. We cater to the sport enthusiast, the fashion conscious and everyone in between. All of our sunglass frames can be glazed with your single vision or progressive prescription lenses.

Prescription Sunglasses

We are specialists in prescription sunglasses and are able to cater for most prescriptions.

Prices start from $349 complete for frames and lenses

There are many different options available including:

  • Polarised lenses for reduced glare
  • Different coloured lenses –brown, amber, grey, green, blue
  • Thinner lenses for higher prescriptions
  • Specially designed lenses for wrap frames 
  • Anti reflection coating
  • Mirror coating
  • Progressive lenses

Lenses take 4-10 working days to arrive depending on the exact type of lens used.

Choosing Frames

When choosing frames for prescription sunglasses:

  • Flatter is generally better
  • Don’t go too large
  • Certain lenses such as progressives and high powers do not work well in wrap frames
  • We can advise you as to which frames are most suitable for your prescription.

These simple guidelines will help keep your lenses thinner and looking better. They also reduce the potential for blur, distortion or other optical aberrations in the lens periphery.